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Upcoming Webinar: Five Benefits of Managed SIP Trunking on Thursday, February 15th

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on February 12, 2018

Co-nexus has partnered with NexVortex to provide SIP trunking revolutionary to the IP world. mSIP offers more visibility than any other SIP offering on the Market. If you are nervous about converting to SIP, you may want to consider reviewing what we have to offer to our clients.

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Why We Love Cloud (And You Should, Too!)

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on November 13, 2017

Cloud technology allows organizations to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technology without having to spend capital to invest in equipment. Moving your communications off premise to a hosted environment for a monthly fee instead of purchasing a system gives businesses the opportunity to utilize their money in other areas. Cloud phone systems do not require costly maintenance by delivering voice over the internet. Not all cloud systems are the same. Some run over the public internet while others run over a private connection. You can read more about the differences between public and private in this post.

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Why Cloud?

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on April 26, 2017

Cloud is a broad term these days. The cloud refers to a variety of software applications, network configurations, and communication systems. So what exactly does "cloud" mean? And why is the "cloud" important for business? Is the "cloud" safe? As more and more businesses are spreading across multiple locations and allowing employees to work remotely, the cloud is becoming more of a staple than an option.

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How Co-nexus Helps Car Dealerships

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on March 29, 2017

Technology for car dealerships can be a little overwhelming. There are multiple departments throughout the organization who need to communicate in different ways. More importantly, it’s a customer facing sales business with demand for someone to be able to respond to customer inquiries at all times. If you miss a call, you lose a customer. Some clients are looking to make a large purchase for a new vehicle while others may be looking to have their current automobile serviced. Being able to handle call volume, provide key metrics, control inventory and maintain the happiness of customers allows a business to thrive.

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SD-WAN and the Impact on Voice Technology

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on March 24, 2017

Integrated networks are on the rise for this year. SD-WAN solutions allow technology to deploy and manage easily over multiple locations. SD-WAN (stands for software-defined wide area networks) allow branch locations to seamlessly connect via multiple connections to ensure optimal application performance. In short, it gives a company the opportunity to simplify their network and run applications through multiple carriers. Voice Technology is changing as more and more companies have hybrid and cloud environments along with an assortment of different types of users.

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How Co-nexus Helps Manufacturing Companies

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on March 22, 2017

With hundreds if not thousands of locations, manufacturing organizations spread geographically across an expansive region and oftentimes internationally. Anytime there are multiple locations, a variety of carrier services and communication systems are usually in play. In result, the IT team is left to implement and troubleshoot with limited resources. Being able to manage from a central location is a key for organizations to decrease operational costs. Here are a few ways Co-nexus helps our manufacturing clients:

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How Co-nexus Helps Distribution Companies

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on March 17, 2017


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How Co-nexus Helps Municipalities

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on February 24, 2017

Local governments and municipalities share unique purchasing requirements. Oftentimes, there are many decision makers and departments involved in making choices for the communication system. They also have limited budget and funding available. It's important to be able to work with a company with great experience and the ability to manage the project over an extended timeline. Co-nexus helps our government customers in a couple ways:

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How Co-nexus Helps Oil and Gas

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on February 20, 2017

Oil and Gas is one of the largest industries globally. Houston, TX is home of many headquarters to oil companies and stateside offices. This industry has its peaks and valleys with a dynamic market and growing needs. Co-nexus helps simplify technology within a very complex environment through unification, centralization and reduction in their communications services. Let’s look at a few ways we streamline technology for this complex business:

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How Cloud Helps Minimize Cost to Your Communications

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on January 30, 2017

Communication Systems dramatically changed over the past few years. Where CIO's and IT Directors once preferred to maintain all hardware and software in house, are now faced with the challenge of managing mulitple devices, platforms, operating systems and applications. The stress of the old break/fix model limits time and energy for the shrinking personnel in an IT department. Instead of hiring more people to assist with troubleshooting, IT resources are being limited to do doing more with less time and money. That's where cloud technology comes into play. When you move from on-premise to a hosted environment, you shift the responsibility of making changes from onsite to the hosted company and have the option to deploy a unified communications system. Here are two ways cloud can offer advantages to help your business run smoothly:

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We offer a full range of products and services, including a comprehensive suite of voice products, data networking solutions, managed services and cloud services. Co-nexus recognizes business needs vary and finding the right technology solution is only one part of the equation. Combining the technology with the proper design, implementation and ongoing support gives our clients the best possible return on their investment.

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