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How Unified Communications Is Shaping the Business World

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on August 7, 2017

Long gone are the days where you have to pick up the phone to communicate with a coworker. Now there are a variety of mediums to collaborate and connect within a business environment. If your customer has a question, you can easily use features like presence and instant messaging to get the answers they need. Unified Communications (UC) describes the integration of multiple platforms for an enterprise organization. Here are some of the ways UC helps businesses function more effectively:

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Five Things to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Phone System

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on May 15, 2017

Buying a phone system is a major investment for any business. It involves changing the business communicates. Communication is key to retaining customers, maintaining vendor relationships and employees collaborating. Your calls are the lifeline of your business. As you evaluate a purchase of this size and scale, it’s important to consider how you plan to make the purchase, what functionality will work best for you and which vendor will you help provide the hardware, software and installation. Here are five questions to ask yourself before making a purchase:

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Three Reasons to Consider On Premise Phone Systems

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on May 12, 2017

With all of the talk about cloud and hosted phone systems these days, there are fewer conversations about on premise solutions. However, there are still some cases where moving to a hosted environment is not in a business’ best interest. We’ve compile a brief list of a few benefits on premise communication systems offer. Remember, every business operates a little differently and it’s best to sit down and evaluate your needs to ensure you are making the right decision

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What Exactly is Digital Transformation?

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on May 5, 2017


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We offer a full range of products and services, including a comprehensive suite of voice products, data networking solutions, managed services and cloud services. Co-nexus recognizes business needs vary and finding the right technology solution is only one part of the equation. Combining the technology with the proper design, implementation and ongoing support gives our clients the best possible return on their investment.

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