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The History of IoT

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on October 18, 2017

The History of IoT.jpgThe Internet of Things has exploded over the past few years. The term IoT refers to the implementation of sensors and technology into everyday objects. A good example of this is the Apple Watch. There was a time where watches had one function which was to tell time. As technology developed now watches are able to receive phone calls, messages, emails and track fitness activity. So where did the concept of IoT come from?

According to IoT Analytics, "The term Internet of Things was invented in 1999, initially to promote RFID technology." It started with a presentation given by Kevin Ashton where he linked objects to the internet using an RFID tag. The concept though dates back to the 1970s. Nearly thirty years later as the internet was booming the idea physically manifested into networking technology.

During the early 2000’s there were several companies who started to catch on to the idea of the Internet of Things. Discussions, presentations and research was conducted throughout the following decade. More and more companies started linking objects together using IP protocol. Around 2014 IoT took off and companies spent $655.8 billion. Think about how the Fitbit has changed fitness by tracking your steps and heartrate. A sensor resides inside the wristband to measure movement.

Fast forward to today and we are seeing a rise of smart cities. A smart city is a municipality that uses information and communication to create more efficiency for a better citizen experience. When you pull into a parking garage you will be notified which space is available or if the garage is full.

So how does all of this affect our communication systems? Well, now you no longer need a phone sitting on your desk to make a phone call. Telephone systems are using devices as soft phones to communicate. Through the use of unified communications, you can utilize your computer, tablet or cell phone to make a call. Furthermore, more and more people are utilizing chat and text instead of making a voice call. Having a single platform for all of these functions makes businesses operate more efficiently. You can read more about unified communications in our previous posts How Digital Transformation Affects Daily Life and How Unified Communications Is Shaping the Business World.

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