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How IoT and Unified Communications Will Affect Industrial Businesses

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on August 15, 2017

Manufacturing Icon.pngThe projection of Global Public LWPA Connections for Industrial companies will rise tremendously over the next 5 years. According to the IHS Markit Low Power Wide Area Market Report – 2017; 2016 it’s expected over 400 million connections will be placed to assist with security, infrastructure and logistics by 20121. IHS Markit continues to state, “Integrating devices and data with analytical IoT platforms and UC, enables enterprises to become more responsive and improve customer experience.” What exactly does this mean to this industry? There are three main applications the IoT and UC will affect:

  • Logistics and Asset Management: Industrial companies require inventory and knowing exactly where that inventory is at all times to remain productive and not lose products. Products will be tagged with smart sensors so that assets are tracked and delivered properly. Furthermore, factory automation will increase as more and more applications are developed and battery life increases.
  • Infrastructure and Environmental Monitoring: From waste management to street lighting there will be an increase of automated technology. Emergency management and public transportation management will be affected. Also, parking lots and traffic monitoring will be enabled with devices that assist the driver in getting to where they need to go without wasting time. The idea with infrastructure monitoring is to create a more efficient environment.
  • Security and Smart Buildings: Structures will be enabled with HVAC energy management, security, lighting and room automation. It’s available in many environments already. Have you ever visited a room where the lights automatic turn on and off with motion sensors? More of these devices will be put into place to help reduce heating and cooling costs.

Increasingly we will see innovative node and network end points, sensors, mobile devices and infrastructure. Industrial companies will drive tremendous growth over the next few years for IoT and UC through their use of smart devices and infrastructure. Want to learn more about how Co-nexus helps industrial companies move to unified communications? Visit our page here to read more.

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Written by Co-nexus Marketing

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