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How Co-nexus Helps Oil and Gas

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on February 20, 2017

Oil and Gas.jpgOil and Gas is one of the largest industries globally. Houston, TX is home of many headquarters to oil companies and stateside offices. This industry has its peaks and valleys with a dynamic market and growing needs. Co-nexus helps simplify technology within a very complex environment through unification, centralization and reduction in their communications services. Let’s look at a few ways we streamline technology for this complex business:

Global Unification of Communications

One of the things that makes this industry unique is the constant buying and selling of companies with various mergers and acquisitions. Larger enterprises purchase smaller entities creating a challenge to streamline how the two entities communicate (both internally and externally). Having multiple PBX and phone systems platforms, different service providers, and technical expertise to support the multiple models creates a pretty hectic environment. The frustration can quickly lead to disgruntled employees and have a huge impact on external communication with clients. By globally unifying both the subsidiary companies and mothership, a business has the ability to run more efficiently to service their clients and maintain reliability during a dynamic business change.

Reduction of Recurring Carrier Costs

The Oil and Gas industry also faces the challenge of managing multiple bills, carriers, locations and types of services. Usually, networks of larger enterprises need redundancy, reduced latency and capacity all while encompassing resiliency on the communication side of things. Working with a single point of contact to help design a centralized network with multiple locations helps create a better network and reduce finger pointing. Ease some of your pain by working with Co-nexus to provide a design for rural, metro and international locations

Global Service and Support

Many oil and gas companies face another unique challenge of being in need of global support. Co-nexus has been in business for over 25 years deploying mulitiple locations on an internationally scale. We operate in both North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa. Furthermore, many of our clients have a presence in the Middle East due to the nature of the oil and gas industry. Being able to easily deploy and provide consistent support is a strong suit of Co-nexus.

If you are anticipating changes within your business environment in the next twelve months, it’s a great time to reach out to us for a discussion. We can help you review your current services, provide network design for merging companies and start building a long term relationship to help your dynamic business. Reach out to us today and we’ll put one of our experts in touch with you!

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Written by Co-nexus Marketing

We offer a full range of products and services, including a comprehensive suite of voice products, data networking solutions, managed services and cloud services. Co-nexus recognizes business needs vary and finding the right technology solution is only one part of the equation. Combining the technology with the proper design, implementation and ongoing support gives our clients the best possible return on their investment.

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