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Are You Backing Up Your Data and Forgetting Your Voice Communications?

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on September 29, 2017

Business Phone Systems Icon.pngWhen most people hear the term disaster recovery they consider protecting their data. Oftentimes, they will have multiple internet connections and servers/storage in data centers or the cloud to provide redundancy. But have you considered protecting your voice communications?

Telephone systems are the lifeline of any business. Some companies use them more for internal purposes while others have contact centers bustling with agents taking care of customers. As Houston, Florida and the Northeast recently faced some of the biggest storms and hurricanes, maybe it's time to consider voice resiliency.

What exactly is voice resiliency?

Voice resiliency refers to the ability of users to continue making and receiving calls if a central site that hosts the brain of your phone system or server becomes unavailable, whether through a wide area network (WAN) failure or another cause. Being able to fail over to another location or even to a cloud system allows your users to continue to make and receive calls. Furthermore, if you are utilizing chat, IM or collaboration tools tied to your phone system your employees will continue to be able to use them.

What are your options around voice resiliency?

There are a variety of configurations you can design but let's discuss a few common options. First, you can simply put a second brain or server in another location or a data center. That allows your network to automatically switch within seconds to keep your system up and running. Even better is if you can use your personal devices like a tablet or cell phone as a work soft phone while the connect to the secondary location. Another option is to use a cloud based solution as your secondary solution. As soon as on premise loses connection, your system will immediately switch to a cloud solution and when connection resumes switch back.

If you are looking to add redundancy in your voice communications check out this article on Developing a Plan When Disaster Strikes for a strategic view point. Also if you are looking to get some advice, reach out to us today for more information.

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