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5 Tools Your Contact Center Needs

Posted by Co-nexus Marketing on September 27, 2017

Contact centers are a bustling environment of sales, customer service and hotlines. They are filled with software, computers, technology, hardware, and phone systems. Each day supervisors manage agents to ensure policy and procedure adherence and maintain service levels. Here are five tools all contact centers should be using:

Call Recording & Screen Recording

It's not enough to just capture calls. When screen recording is added managers can easily view a call and ensure an agent is properly handling a customer. It allows workflow issues to be identified to reduce average handling time. It provides 'real world' examples for training agents. Furthermore it helps monitor back office employees.

Live Monitor

Being able to live monitor an agent helps supervisors gain greater visibility into agent activity. and ensure daily policy and procedure adherence. A supervisor can also help guide a new employee by taking over the agent's computer and drive their mouse.

Performance Evaluation Software

Never again will you need to search for calls to grade. Based on your defined parameters and defined frequency will locate your most desirable calls for you and place them in a secure 'bucket' automatically. Now when you want to grade, all you need to do is click on your bucket and start grading. Scores will automatically be saved to the database so you can instantly run reports. Also, agents are instantly notified of their scores through a portal were they can review their grades, listen to the graded calls and receive testing and training materials that were automatically pushed to them based on their score.

Agent Coaching

The moment a supervisor grades a call, the agent receives an email notification that a call has been graded for them. The agent, at times specified by the call center, can log in to their own, web based private agent portal where they can review graded calls, listen to calls, review training materials and so much more. Coaching enables supervisors to provide instant feedback to agents & provide instant training opportunities to optimize agent performance and increase customer satisfaction.

Workforce Management

One of the biggest ways you can impact your service level and keep your calls out of queue is to monitor attendance. When your team are not where they are supposed to be, your customers have to wait. Calls begin to start backing up and operations get hectic. Through the use of a workforce optimization program you can create strategies to automate processes to notify all staff when employees are needed to fill in for absentees. The staff members can easily hit accept to stay extra hours or come in on an off day. Then, the program reorganizes all of the information to create a new schedule.

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