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Developing a Plan When Disaster Strikes

Posted by Crystal Jackson on September 18, 2017

As the country slowly recovers from the destruction left from the hurricanes Harvey and Irma, more and more businesses are turning to their IT teams to ensure their business-critical communications are up and running. According to Forbes, “IT professionals and CIOs are the new “superheroes” we call upon during extraordinary circumstances…” As the country embarks upon rebuilding this is a time where many businesses will either sink or swim.

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View Webinar on 5 Methods for Building a Better Forecast in the Contact Center

Posted by Crystal Jackson on August 22, 2017

Co-nexus hosted a webinar on Five Methods for Building a Forecast. We will review five different types of forecasting and how to use them to best predict your future agent requirements. The webinar will include best practices, a live demo and a Q&A session.

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5 Tips for Moving and Your Telecommunications

Posted by Crystal Jackson on August 22, 2017

Is your business relocating or moving soon? Well, we have a few tips to make sure you are prepared for the occasion. Being prepared is the best way to make sure you don’t forget anything.

  1. Choose your phone system – A lot of businesses wait until the last minute to choose a phone system. It’s much better to knock this out early on especially if you are moving into new construction.
  2. Shop for dial tone and internet – Depending on your location, there may be limited choices for connections. If you have to have fiber optic cable run, it can take months or even a year in advance. By knowing your options early on, you can make better decisions.
  3. Select your cabling vendor – Once you have chosen a phone system, now it’s time to start talking to someone who will run cabling into your building. If it’s new construction, you’ll want to take care of this sooner than later. If it’s an already existing building ensure you have enough drops for the equipment being placed in the space.
  4. Have a meeting with all vendors prior to the move in date – A month or two out, make sure you touch base with your vendors to understand the installation process. You’ll want to appoint someone within your organization to be there during the time of installation.
  5. Train your team – Depending on what equipment is going into the space, you may need to set aside training time for your employees.

Help get organized with our handy checklist for moving or expanding here! It will give you details about the tips listed above and other helpful things to consider when moving.

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How IoT and Unified Communications Will Affect Industrial Businesses

Posted by Crystal Jackson on August 15, 2017

The projection of Global Public LWPA Connections for Industrial companies will rise tremendously over the next 5 years. According to the IHS Markit Low Power Wide Area Market Report – 2017; 2016 it’s expected over 400 million connections will be placed to assist with security, infrastructure and logistics by 20121. IHS Markit continues to state, “Integrating devices and data with analytical IoT platforms and UC, enables enterprises to become more responsive and improve customer experience.” What exactly does this mean to this industry? There are three main applications the IoT and UC will affect:

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How Unified Communications Is Shaping the Business World

Posted by Crystal Jackson on August 7, 2017

Long gone are the days where you have to pick up the phone to communicate with a coworker. Now there are a variety of mediums to collaborate and connect within a business environment. If your customer has a question, you can easily use features like presence and instant messaging to get the answers they need. Unified Communications (UC) describes the integration of multiple platforms for an enterprise organization. Here are some of the ways UC helps businesses function more effectively:

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6 Rules for Inbound Contact Centers

Posted by Crystal Jackson on August 2, 2017

Workforce optimization is the practice of improving and automating the overall efficiency of employees at an organization. Are you currently scheduling your employees through the use of Excel spreadsheets? Did you know that you can gain up to 30% more out of your staff by utilizing a Workforce Optimization program. Software allows organizations to be better with their time and labor which impacts the organization’s bottom line.

Here are six rules for inbound contact centers:

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News Release: Co-nexus Donates Phone System to Art League of Houston

Posted by Crystal Jackson on July 28, 2017

Co-nexus Donates Phone System to the Art League of Houston

  • Co-nexus donates a telephone system to a local non-profit organization.

 HOUSTON, TX (July 28, 2017) – The Art League of Houston is a local non-profit organization who offers community programs, art classes, and local exhibitions.  Their mission is to connect the community through diverse, dynamic and creative experiences that bring people together to see, make and talk about contemporary visual art. For nearly 70 years they have been a pillar in the Houston community evolving past traditional art leagues. At this organization, you can visit their public gallery which showcases exquisite work or you can choose to participate in one of their many art classes. To date, the Art League of Houston is one of the oldest non-profit organizations in Houston.


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New: Video Hosted Voice Solutions

Posted by Crystal Jackson on July 21, 2017



Are you looking to streamline the costs of your communications? Watch this short video on how hosted voice solutions can help stabilize your operating costs.

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6 Steps in Choosing Your Next Phone System

Posted by Crystal Jackson on July 19, 2017

Buying a new phone system can be such an overwhelming task. There are many vendors, types of systems, and decisions to make. Your communication system is the lifeline of your business so you want to make sure it works, it fits your budget and meets your needs. Here are six steps to determining the right phone system for your business:

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Are You Properly Managing Your Workforce in the Contact Center?

Posted by Crystal Jackson on July 17, 2017

Workforce management is a struggle for many contact centers due to high turnover, attrition, shrinkage and agent adherence to schedules.

Being able to keep costs low while maintaining customer service levels can be challenging. Many organizations use spreadsheets which do not support multi-skills for agents. If you are not using a workforce management tool, you are paying more in labor than you should be or you may have calls backed up due to not having the right people in the right place. Here are a few benefits of implementing a workforce management software program:

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We offer a full range of products and services, including a comprehensive suite of voice products, data networking solutions, managed services and cloud services. Co-nexus recognizes business needs vary and finding the right technology solution is only one part of the equation. Combining the technology with the proper design, implementation and ongoing support gives our clients the best possible return on their investment.

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